Swink Hair Styles

The Swink

As true to you as a thumbprint or signature, our house blow out is you, only better. Whatever you want it to be, it’s your bona fide good hair day.

The Fifth Avenue

Straight and smooth, this is the single malt of hair. Flat-ironed to classic, clean lines, your hair says, “I own this town.”

The G&T

Girly and tousled! Feel like you just stepped out of a shampoo commercial with luscious, bouncy curls or an artfully messy look.

The Belle du Jour

This is our “It Girl” style. A bit edgy, always hip. We celebrate the hair of the moment with cues from the runway to red carpet.

The Cosmo

The perfect Euro-chic ponytail. Sounds simple, but you only get this sleek look in the hands of a pro. Go super straight or add a flirty flip.

The Knock Out

Half up, half down, this look begs to be seen. Swoop a little here, bump it there. Then go straight or curly down the back.


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Downtown Seattle
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Swink Style Bar
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University Village
Call us: 206 673 5070
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Swink Style Bar
University Village
4610 Village Court NE
Seattle, WA 98105

Mon — Sat: 9:30am — 7pm
Sunday: 11am — 6pm

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