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Dear Swink,
I just have to say THANK YOU for giving me the best hair do' of my life! I came in on Friday afternoon with several friends on the occasion of a dear friend's wedding. I have very curly hair (and ALOT of it) and my stylist gave me the most beautiful soft curls EVER. I have never received so many compliments on my hair. She was lightening fast and made it seem so easy! You have such a wonderful business - I wish you could come to DC so I could come in every week! 
All my best, 
Dear Swink,
Thank you SO MUCH for all of your help on my BIG DAY! The ladies looked so beautiful and I couldn't have been more pleased! Thank you for being flexible and working with my budget and time schedule, it really helped make the day one of the best days of my life. I felt super beautiful and pampered and I was so impressed with how fast you guys were...just a great place and keep up the great work! 
Sincerely, Kristin
Hello Ladies!
I just wanted to email you to tell you what a wonderful experience I had at Swink last night!!  It was my birthday yesterday and I had my hair and makeup!  The stylists worked their magic and transformed me from a dowdy-feeling mom to a woman ready for a night out on the town.  And the place is so can just feel the energy!!  Just love the pink feather wreaths in the windows.  I literally could have sat there all night just watching the gorgeous women walking out of there!  I am sorry I don't remember the names of the gals that worked on me but the make up artist had dark hair and eyes and was shorter.  She was fabulous.  And the woman who did my hair was tall and blonde.  She did soft curls all through my hair and I just loved it...she was amazing.  It was quite a transformation I tell you! 
I know how hard you all work and having a husband who owns his own business, I know the hours and dedication it takes to make things happen.  I think what you have created is just wonderful and you should feel so proud!  I will definately be back.  In fact, I can't wait! 
Thank you for reminding me how good it feels to feel beautiful...
Happy holidays to each of you!